Dewain Belgard

Photo by dbelgard

Not everybody started out as smooth
as silk
like you my angel

for some the going got bumpy quick

but what difference did it make
in the long run
no one’s exempt
from growing old

or getting sick

or having a head-on
with something out of the blue
and nothing after that

to make you smile again

Silk didn’t always come so easy
did it love
no it sometimes just came spewing out

like liquid pain

and only a lifetime later
when you had chewed your way out
of the cozy cocoon
you had spun

one sunny summer day

and spread your wet wings out
to dry a little while
did you understand
though I did not till afterwards

when you had flown away



In the beginning . . . darkness was upon the face of the deep. . . . And God said, Let there be light: . . . And God divided the light from the darkness. And God called called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. (Photo by dbelgard; caption from Genesis 1:1–5 KJV)

As stars of nighttime are concealed
Behind the blue of daytime skies
So a multitude of things are not revealed
Until we close our eyes

(Close your eyes
And breathe the darkness in

Let the stillness that lives between the breaths
Turn the darkness into light

With open eyes
Now breathe the brightness out

And look with eyes of love
Into the very heart of things)

Darkness is the mother of the light
All the beauty
Born this morning
Descended from the night



Image by dbelgard. Caption adapted from Wilhelm/Baynes translation

It’s like you found the magic tortoise
you lost in childhood long ago
and now it whispers secrets in your mind
you never asked to know

It’s like remembering something all at once
you’ve known from many lives before
a thing you’ve always managed to forget
but cannot anymore

Or like you gaze into the mirror of your soul
then look away in quick surprise
to see a face that’s not your own appear
staring back with hollow eyes



Dewain Belgard

Dewain Belgard

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